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10 things to consider when choosing plasma cutting machine

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-11-19      Origin: Site

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10 things to consider when choosing plasma cutting machine

Plasma cutting machine is one of the best ways to cut steel, stainless steel, brass and aluminum. You can cut metal quickly and accurately because it burns through the plasma metal. In choosing the right plasma cutting machine, we have written a guide to 10 things. If you’re interested in buying sheet metal cuts, check out the online metal store. If you want to know more about plasma cutting machine, please check the plasma cutting machine buyer’s Guide.

1. Air compressor

Plasma cutting machine needs compressed air to produce plasma, which can be provided by built-in air compressor or external compressed air supply. Both types work well, but when choosing a plasma cutter, you need to decide which one is most convenient for you. The built-in air compressor is more expensive, but that means you can handle some small work faster.

2. Reliability

When choosing plasma cutting machine, the machine you want is of high quality and will stand the test of time. Plasma cutting machines are not cheap, so make sure that what you buy is durable and doesn’t break when you’re doing something important. Choose from trustworthy retailers. Hypertherm, Miller, Lincoln and ESAB are all available at Baker gas station

3. Dimensional arc

The pilot arc is a cutting feature that provides a more stable arc with a longer consumable life, because you can cut metal without tip of torch strike metal. This is useful if you cut the rusty service because you don’t have to clean the metal and hit it. This is a relatively new innovation, however, most plasma cutting machines have this feature, except for the cheapest models.

 4. Voltage

There are three different voltage options, plasma cutting machine can be purchased. You can buy either 115V, 230V or dual voltage tools. The 115V plasma cutting machine is useful for beginners who don’t need much power and cut at home. These plug into your home outlet, but they don’t have that much power. If you have a 230V input, then you need a generator to run it. If you have one with two options, you can easily switch plugs depending on the amount of power you need and your environment.

5. Downgrade

One of the most important things to consider is the thickness of metal that the plasma cutter can cut. Think about the maximum thickness of metal you might want to cut, and then choose a machine that can cut. If you have insurance, it’s best to apply for a high rating, just in case

There are three different downgrades to consider:

Rated cutting capacity: it can cut 10 inch (IPM) metal thickness per minute.

Quality cutting: thickness at lower speed – this will be a thicker metal.

Can be cut off to the maximum. It will be very slow and may not be a very clean cut.

6. Work cycle

Duty cycle refers to the amount of usage that plasma cutting machine can bear continuously. High duty cycle of plasma cutting machine can be used for a longer time, the duty cycle of any machine will be reduced with the increase of voltage. Find the highest percentage at any given amperage to obtain the best duty cycle.

7. Weight

Plasma cutting machines can weigh from 20 pounds to 100 pounds and are used for rugged industrial machines. If you need to take your plasma cutter from job to job, you’ll want something you can carry without taking your back! But remember, lighter machines can’t cut metal as thick as a larger, heavier plasma cutter.

8. Reduce quality

Cutting quality refers to the cleanliness and smoothness of finished product cutting. The best plasma cutting machine has a high cutting quality, so the cutting will appear sharp and clean, and you won’t need to spend time cleaning it to have a smooth appearance.

9. Operating costs

The consumption rate of plasma cutting machine varies greatly between different machines and consumables. Study the consumption rate of your device to save money over time. Ultra hot plasma cutting machines are expensive, but they have a lower operating cost, and because of their excellent consumables, they can save you money in long-term operation.

10. Cutting torch

The length of the flare is an important consideration. If you work in a large workshop with heavy machines, you will need a longer torch so you can work in different areas without moving the heavy plasma cutter. If you’re going to cut for a long time, look for a flashlight that fits your hand shape to help prevent pain.

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